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MM Member-FactFile

Post  Axl Rose on Thu Apr 15, 2010 4:41 pm

I decided to post this to get to know everyone better. Copy and paste the form I put below and fill it with your info.And please don't spam here,to keep it like a fact-file Cool You can also choose not to fill stuff out by putting either N/A or -----

Name: -----
Alias/Username: Axl Rose
Gender: -----
Age: ------
Date Of Birth: ------
Ethnicity: ------
Nationality: -----
Place of Birth: ------
Current Location/Residence: Toronto
MSN/AIM/YIM: ------

Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blackish red
Height: -----
Martial Status: Single
Tattoos/Piercings: -----
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Family Members: Mom,Dad
Pets: 2 Dogs,and a Gecko
Occupation: Drummer and site administrator
Ambitions/Dreams: To meet slash and Axl in real life.

Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Flavor: -----
Favorite Food: -----
Favorite Drink: Smirnoff Ice
Favorite Band: Guns N Roses
Favorite Film: -----
Favorite Book: Slash Auto Biography
Favorite T.V Show: -----
Favorite Video Game: Assassins Creed 1 and 2
Favorite Song: Welcome To The Jungle-Guns N Roses
Favorite Hobbies: Administrating forum sites,Playing the drums,teaching myself guitar
Favorite Genre: Anything except country or classical.
Favorite Places: Anywhere I wanna be
Axl Rose

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